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How would you like a bar that fits every four line kite on the market? Yes, we’re proud of this unique feature: we produce the most versatile bars on the market today. Most versatile bar on the market. Fits on every kite and every brand.



Another feature is its aesthetic: it just looks awesome. We’ve got an international award winning Dutch Design specialist working on it. What’s more Ride it like you like it. We offer widths of 40, 45 and 50 cm. Narrow bars are excellent for smaller kites and free-style tricks. Of course we have the heavy duty Teufelberger spliced lines. With 21 meters plus 3 meter extensions it offers you tweaks between long (more low-end) and short (faster turning). Unique top swivel integration into safety-system makes sure you can easy untwist your centerlines. For your safety We use a Single Line flagout system. All release systems on the market are fast. But are they also easy as a sunday morning? Our system guarantees 100% depower within less than half second. And the beauty is: you can do it with same strength as when you push the ‘double espresso-button’ on your coffee machine. Sure, we know ‘this is a lifesaver’ is a deflated prose. But really, this is a lifesaver.


  • sizes: 40cm, 45cm, 50cm.

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