The Harlem Rocker


Hand build high-end freestyle board, boost your tricks! The Rocker is our high-end freestyle board for +5 meter jumps and unhooked tricks. The Rocker has lots of pop and rocker (hence the name). This will offer that extra kick to do those double front or back rolls. The expressive channels on the bottom of the board will give you that instant grip when landing those massive jumps.



So if you happen to look for a lightweight full Paulownia wood core with 3D channels with CNC engineered precision for maximum strength and flexibility, we happen to sell it. The Harlem Rocker is hand build in Holland, and is fitted with wake-style (25mm) or surf-style (50mm) fins and optional grab handle. We have reinforced the inserts so you can ride the Rocker with boots too. You will be surprised by the lightness and control the Rocker offers. Ride it to build or perfect your freestyle game.


  • Sizes: 132 x 40, 135 x 40,5, 138 x 41
  • reinvented control
  • full paulownia wood core with 3D chanels
  • cutting edge abs rails
  • boots-proof inserts for the freestylers
  • ultra light, floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee

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  • local pickup

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