The Harlem WAVE


Designed for directional surfboard and foil board riders. High Performance wave kite, Drift and turn, baby! Available in any color, as long as it’s black and green.



The Harlem Wave is our 3 strut delta shape high-performance wave kite. Alex is our experienced wave rider, and the Harlem Wave was his wet dream. This kite combines insane turning speed with beautiful drift ability. The perfect “sheet out” means you can “park” the kite and fully focus on ripping the waves and enjoy your ride down the line. And sometimes the perfect wave comes with low wind, so we have made sure that this kite has an amazing low-end. All of this together will give you the ultimate wave riding session. For twintip riders, the Harlem Wave offers a smooth ride and easy handling. But take into account the Wave was not designed to boost big air jumps. The Harlem Wave follows you like a trained dog. But it’s not a dog, it’s a wave kite.


  • Available in any color, as long as it’s black and green.
  • Drift baby!
  • Got the power
  • not just for surfing
  • bombproof construction
  • best materials and coating
  • fuck fashion releases
  • and a bag that doesn't suck!

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